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Prior to any investment, a financial plan is established. It could be an Investment Policy Statement, Retirement Plan or Estate Plan. All planning starts with the clients' needs, their aspiration, their time frame and their risk tolerance level. Each client's financial objective is different and is dependent upon their individual circumstance. However, the objective of most clients can be classified as one or more of the following:

  1. Protection against personal risk (i.e., premature death and/or disability)
  2. Capital accumulation (i.e., general investment portfolio)
  3. Provisions for retirement income
  4. Reduction of the tax burden
  5. Planning for their heirs (i.e., estate planning)
  6. Investment and/or property management

There are many events in our lives for which we need to plan. For example, our life span has lengthened so that we are able to enjoy more years of RETIREMENT. Inflation makes retirement costs much higher coupled with a longer life expectency presents a serious financial challenge. Retirement Planning integrates Social Security along with any Pension Plan (i.e., Profit Sharing and/or Money Purchases, 401(k) Plan, 403(b) Plan, Keogh or IRA) coupled with Personal Investments. Personal investments play a key role in any planning scenario. These are the three main ingredients needed to fund a long and comfortable retirement ... We must all consider TAXES. Taxes today and tomorrow take an increasing share of our income and passing an ESTATE to a family heir is more difficult and more expensive by the increase with the ever-changing federal tax laws. The ability to pass to our heirs the maximum legal limit of cash and assets involves the use of a properly constructed Estate Plan, this includes well thought out wills, property titling and trust where appropriate. Planning, managing and preparing for all of these objectives take time. To be effective, the earlier you start planning, the greater the likelihood of fulfilling your goals.

Our mission at Amherst Financial Services it to increase our client's long-term return on investments through the use of Asset Allocation utilizing modern porfolio theory, which allows us to thoroughly diversify our client's portfolio. As previously mentioned this portfolio mix is consistent with a client's goals, objectives and risk tolerance level. Safety of principal through a diversified portfolio is of prime importance.

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