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The 6 Steps of the Financial Planning Process

    The 6 Steps of the

                    Financial Planning       Process

Before any investments are made, AFS will  . . .

1.  Establish and define

            the client-planner relationship

2.  Gather client data,

            including goals and objectives

3.  Analyze and evaluate

            the client's financial status and needs

4.  Develop and present

            financial planning recommendations and/or alternatives

And once approved, AFS will . . .

5.  Implement the

            financial planning recommendations

6.  Monitor the

            financial planning recommendations


We believe that the key to long-term financial independence involves a comprehensive process of coordinating, preserving and maximizing one's assets.  We make every attempt to get to know our client and understand their needs and desires.  Based on insights gleaned from an in-depth conversation and information gathered through an extensive questionnaire, we create a customized financial plan and investment strategy to optimize our clients' investment desires while minimizing risk and volatility.  We believe managing one's assets is an ever changing and ongoing process.

AFS' primary objective is to protect our clients' accumulated wealth and to diversify their investments so they are not aversely exposed to any one asset class.




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